Treat Me Nice

Corinne doesn’t get along with her mother.  They live together.  Just the two of them.  They are masters at pushing one another’s buttons.

Corinne:  Look, I know you haven’t felt well lately.  I know that you aren’t well…so it makes it hard for me to tell you this…I wish we were close.  I wish we were friends.  I, I don’t like waking up in the morning, scrambling your eggs with you shouting obscenities in the background at me about things that don’t deserve shouting.

I understand it’s hard for you.  I get that but you forget that I’m a person.  I’m not, you know, some worker that you’ve hired to cook and clean.  I am your daughter.  I don’t feel like I’m your daughter, but I am, I guess.

These are the cards we were dealt, Mom.

I’m sorry I’m not all that you hoped for and that this life we live here together isn’t glamorous and that Dad abandoned us when I was born and you shouldn’t make me feel like it’s my fault!  (beat)  I didn’t even know the guy.  I never even met him and I, I just want to say that I try, you know, I try to be there for you and do all the things a good daughter is supposed to do for her mother but you are so rude and I can’t take it anymore!


Be nice…to me.  I’m worth enough to be treated nice.  Treat me nice before I have an outburst.  A real outburst.  I’m talking a sumo outburst.  Huge.  So…treat me nice.  (beat)  Do you want more coffee?

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In this one-act play, CORINNE and MOM live together and try to find a deeper closeness by discussing the father/husband that abandoned them.

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