7 Short Comedic Monologues for Women

If you haven’t seen these seven comedic female monologues, give them a read as we hope they will put a smile on your face.  Short comedic monologues that run between 1-2 minutes long.

7 Short Comedic Monologues for Women

THANK YOU SO MUCH –  this is an exaggerated character and meant to be played as comedic.

JUST ONE THING – her boyfriend farts up a storm and she admits this troubling situation to her friend.

ACTRESS PHOTOSHOOT –  a photographer who is extremely passionate when working with a client.

CRAZY GLUE –  ever crazy glue the palm of your hand to your cheek?

RAZOR BLADES –  going to the bathroom can sometimes be more fierce than expected.

UNDERWHELM –  this woman is literally dying of boredom.

THE GIRLS –  Dana is apparently depressed over her friends happiness in love.


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