Aren’t You Going To Try Your Eggs?

“Aren’t you going to try your eggs?” is a scene excerpt from the one-act drama play Treat Me Nice by Joseph Arnone.  

CORINNE: Aren’t you going to try your eggs?

MOM: They look overdone.

CORINNE: They’re not overdone.

MOM: They look burnt.

CORINNE: How does that look burnt to you? They are perfectly colored.

MOM: There’s some brown, underneath.

CORINNE: Where? Let me see.

Corinne lifts the eggs with a fork and inspects.

(satisfied) They are not burnt.

MOM: I didn’t say they were burnt. I said, they look burnt.

Corinne makes a face.

CORINNE: Just eat them. I’m not trying to poison you.

Mom sips her mug.

MOM: Coffee’s cold.

CORINNE: What the hell are you talking about now?

Mom gestures to the coffee.

Corinne sips it.

It’s fine. I just made it.

MOM: I like my coffee piping hot. If you can’t make it piping hot, where there’s actually steam coming out of it, then I can make it myself.

CORINNE: I see steam…there’s steam.

They both stare at the mug.

MOM: And where’s my toast?

CORINNE: Did you want toast?

MOM: I always want toast. It’s the only thing that coats my stomach.

Corinne gets up.

CORINNE: Fine! I’ll make you your toast.

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