Do you see her mind, how it operates?

Drama scene from 1 act eplay, “The Negotiating Table” two sisters try to figure out a solution for their youngest sister’s life crises.

MATTY: I’m trapped! Don’t you both see I’m STUCK. I don’t know how to get out. I want out!

Betty and Peggy both get up and sit Matty down. Betty pours tea for Matty. Peggy rubs Matty’s shoulders.

BETTY: Have some tea baby bean.

PEGGY: Life’s not that bad, angel.

Matty sips the tea.

MATTY: I’m a useless entity.

PEGGY: Don’t say that.

MATTY: I should have went to school. I always wanted to go to school…study dance..did either of you know that?

BETTY: What’s that?

PEGGY: I knew.

MATTY: That I wanted to study dance.

BETTY: I knew you liked dancing, but –

MATTY: I was approached…one of them scouts noticed me at the High School recital…said I had talent and I should pursue dance. Why didn’t I listen?

PEGGY: There’s no need to go back and revisit what we can’t change.

BETTY: You can’t dance now –

MATTY: I know I can’t! That’s not what I said!

Peggy darts a look back at Betty.

BETTY: Alright.

MATTY: See what I mean?!

PEGGY: We’re just trying to help you is all.

MATTY: I could dance.

PEGGY: I know you can.

MATTY: I can dance now if I wanted. Would you like to see me dance?


MATTY: Right here in this kitchen.

BETTY: I think we need to calm down.

MATTY: I want to dance.

BETTY: So you can knock over another one of my figurines?!

MATTY: What figurine?

BETTY: The Rockwell one I loved so much. Not so much as a sorry came out of you.

MATTY: I never knocked over you Rock –

BETTY: Who did? The phantom? We have a phantom living here all of a sudden?

MATTY: Maybe it was Bob?

BETTY: Bob doesn’t knock figurines over and even if he did, he’d be the first to tell me.

MATTY: I didn’t knock over a figurine!

BETTY: I’m sure you did, but you are such a slob you must not have even cared to notice!


MATTY: You b*$%h!



Matty runs upstairs.


PEGGY: Did you have to mention the figurine?

BETTY: Damn right I’ve had to mention the figurine! That was the first piece that started up my collection, it was dear to me.

PEGGY: You chose the wrong time.

BETTY: It came out. Am I supposed to be perfect now?

PEGGY: I didn’t say that.

BETTY (whispering): What is she going on about dancing? Do you see her mind, how it operates?

PEGGY: She’s one of them people that need physical exercise to release their frustration is all.

BETTY: Dance. She wants to be a dancer. How come I never knew about her wanting to be a dancer?

PEGGY: She always wanted to be a dancer..did you forget?

BETTY: I remember her twirling around the house back then, knocking things over…

PEGGY: She was good Betty.


PEGGY: Matty…she was talented.

BETTY: …Yeah…

PEGGY: Betty?


PEGGY: She was really talented…

BETTY: …I know she was…wasn’t she?


Matty enters the kitchen carrying a small suitcase.

MATTY: I’m leaving. I’m sorry I broke your figurine…

PEGGY: Where are you going?

MATTY: How should I know?

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