You don’t ever let your mind wander?

In teen drama scene from 1 act play script When We Imagine, Jesse and Felix discover that they both have feelings for one another.

JESSE: I come out here by myself sometimes, stare up at the moon from my float and imagine things.

FELIX: What you imagine?

JESSE: I imagine my Dad not being blind…Imagine my mom being a nice person…Recently, I imagined myself being a world famous inventor, like Einstein when he became famous for E=MC2; having that kind of impact on the world, doing something great for once…what d’you imagine?

FELIX: Nothin’.

JESSE: You don’t ever let your mind wander?


Jesse gets her float. She places it in the pool.

JESSE: Get on the float.


JESSE: Come on Felix. Get on my float and close your eyes.


JESSE: I want you to imagine.

FELIX: You messing with me?

JESSE: Come on…

Felix goes into the kiddie pool and climbs on top of the float.

FELIX: No tricks.

JESSE: Don’t waste my time.

FELIX: Alright, alright.

JESSE: Close your eyes.

Felix closes his eyes.

FELIX: Now, what?

JESSE: Imagine.

FELIX: Imagine, what? How?

JESSE: Imagine a made up world.

FELIX: I don’t know how to do that.

JESSE: You play video games, don’t ya?

FELIX: Yeah, so –

JESSE: You know how video games have a made up world?

FELIX: Yeah.

JESSE: Create one of them from your imagination.

FELIX: I don’t know how to –

JESSE: Okay, okay…imagine a beach, any beach, there’s no right or wrong beach cause it’s your beach, got it?

FELIX: Right.

JESSE: Look around your beach, what do you see?

FELIX: ..Um, I see the ocean, the sand, birds I guess –

JESSE: NO, no,’re just saying what you know exists at the beach…I want you to invent your own beach…what color is the ocean?

FELIX: Gray.

JESSE: Imagine your ocean being sky blue, like a rich, bright, deep ocean blue…got it?

FELIX: Oh wow, yeah, I see it now.

JESSE: What color is the sand?

FELIX: The sand is brown.

JESSE: That’s boring. Come on…give me a color that feels more alive.

FELIX: S@%t…uh, how about orange?

JESSE: Orange?

FELIX: What’s wrong with orange?

JESSE: Orange sand is awesome. Now, what do you want to do at this beach?

FELIX: I wanna go surfing, but I never been surfing.

JESSE: Doesn’t matter. In your imagination you can go there! You can do anything!

FELIX: Should I try…?

JESSE: Go for it.

FELIX: The waves are massive.

JESSE: Make them even bigger.

Felix laughs.

Jesse enjoys laughing as well.

FELIX: Everything below is so small.

Jesse leans in and kisses Felix.

Felix kisses her back.

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