Back To Life

It’s the 1950’s, Pamela and Mitchell meet at an outdoor train station cafe for a final goodbye.  Drama.  2 Actors.  1 woman 1 man.

Back To Life

M: It’s a hot one today…want some water or something?

P: I’m fine.

M: You ah, you want to sit somewhere…inside.  I’d like to order a beer.

P: Mmm-hmmm.

(they sit down)

M: Train will be here soon…

P: Soon.

M: Yeah.


Want some water or something?

P: That’s not what I want.

M: Okay.  Waiter!  Let me get a beer, any kind, just a cold one please.

P: Since when do they serve warm beer?

M: Well, that’s true I guess.  Umm, some beers are colder than others, depending on how they’re stocked.  The real low ones, the ones at the bottom, they get so cold that ice sticks to them.  When I say cold beer, I always hope for one of those.

P: Oh.

M: So, how are you doing?  You, ah, you doing okay then?

P: I told you I’m fine Mitchell.

M: Right.  Your face is a pink flush.

P: Ain’t it a hundred and ten degrees out or something to that nature?

M: Yes, I believe it is…Pamela.

P: What?

M: No, I was just responding.

P: You said my name so strange just then, as if I’ve already left and I’m not sitting right in front of you.

M: Did I?

P: Yes, you did.  Like I was an afterthought.  Am I?  Am I an afterthought Mitchell?

M: Uh, no Pam, not at all, not at all.

P: Do I have to ask you?

M: Ask me what?

P: The real reason why you didn’t come?

M: I told you the real reason.  I was held up with an investigation.  No way the Chief was ever gonna allow me to leave my duty at a crime scene.

P: Right.

M: I told you all this already.

(his beer arrives from waiter – he guzzles it down)

P: You did.

(Pamela faints and Mitchell grabs hold of her.  He treats her gently and calmly, placing her arms and head on top of the table.  He sits back down across from her nervously, unsure what to do.  He runs his fingers through his hair a few times. )

M: Waiter! I need some water pronto!

(given water from waiter)

(Mitchell caresses Pamela and sits her upright.  She starts to come to and he helps her drink down some water.  She becomes more alert)

M: There you go.  Back to life, back to life.

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