The Garden Maze

In The Garden Maze, Anna holds nothing back when sharing with her favorite Uncle her truest feelings about how she currently views life.

ANNA: Why does mother always pretend that everything is so wonderful? She roams around these gardens, tending to her flowers, humming to herself as if she hasn’t a care in the world! There is nothing wonderful about anything. About any of us! It’s all lies! How does she exist in these made up fantasies, these creations that she lives off? Desperately making things perfect to everyone’s eyes and pretending that what truly exists doesn’t. How can anyone get through life in such a way? It’s utterly exhausting and so discouraging. We’ve all lost, haven’t we? Perhaps not you, Uncle, you seem to be one of the very few who holds up some kind of honor. But what about the vast majority of us? I cannot stomach the delusion we all seem under. This facade for who? For what? Why? To believe in apparitions? To ignore the truth? To never face the wrongful acts of our deceitful actions? I don’t know what to think anymore Uncle, I would rather live in hell than in denial. Wouldn’t you? Isn’t all this a most horrific way to live? Yes, you are right, reality is rarely ever pure but we can try, at least, to reach some kind of truth, at least within ourselves.

I speak up, I speak out. I’ve faced them all but it’s like talking to a herd of sheep and then I’ve wondered if perhaps sheep have more reason at times. But, I won’t settle for tolerance. I won’t tolerate this circus troupe. I will fight it to my death, I’ll scream it out until someone somewhere hears me because I will never back down. Not ever. Not ever!

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The Garden Maze by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Garden Maze, Anna confides in her Uncle Toby about all the stress she’s been living under in regards to the pressures her mother places on her and the reality no one else in her family seems to acknowledge, except her favorite Uncle.  2 Women, 2 Men.  Drama. Family Drama.

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