True Calling

In this monologue, CHARLA talks to her good friend about how she needs to follow her dreams and not give up on her true calling.

Charla: Do you? Do you really get me. That man drank himself blind every single night because he walked away from what he loved most. I don’t blame him. He had a family to take care of and worry about,so I don’t blame him but it damaged him forever and forever is a hell of a long time to drink yourself to death. (beat) I’m sorry. Maybe I’m going too heavy but you really got to me with what you said earlier, being two shades away and all…aren’t you tired of hearing that voice? Look what it’s doing to you now, can you imagine what it’s going to do to you later? (beat) What do I know, really, I really don’t know much, at least you know your talent, been trying to find mine my whole life. But you do have something and it’s special. So did my father…but you still have a chance. So why not?

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In this one-act play, Melanie has been doubting herself for far too long…her good friend Charla makes her realize the importance of following her dreams.

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