No Returns

In No Returns, Justine speaks to her lover Shanice about how she needs to end things with her wife and with Shanice as well.

JUSTINE:  This is different. I’m grateful to her for everything she’s given me, I mean…I’ve learned a lot about my own stamina. I used to be one of those women that you could bulldoze your way over and leave stuck to the ground. And I’d never get up but Alison taught me how to have strength, not be a pushover. I learned how to express and expand my feelings and how to handle the impact of hers. I was always a square, but with Alison I was broken open and saw life differently, better in some ways, but, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even hold a conversation with her without…without us getting mad at each other…it’s an abuse of the power we have over one another…there’s nothing left but argument after argument. And for some sick reason I can’t muster the courage to break free from all this…then there’s you, Shanice…I love being with you, making love to you, but I don’t know if it will ever be enough, just a piece to a puzzle that I’ll never have all the pieces to and the result is that we use one another, don’t we? And there’s nothing more…I guess what I’m saying is that I know what we should do and I know that we can’t keep ignoring it but I just can’t find the strength to do it.

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No Returns by Joseph Arnone
In the one act eplay No Returns, Justine talks with her lover about how she needs to find the inner strength and courage to end things with her wife.  2 Women.  Drama.

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