Alderona is a scripted scifi scene for two teenagers, 1 guy and 1 girl.  ALDERONA and KLUDO brother/sister have secret powers meant to protect and save people’s lives.  Alderona is doubting her ability to carry out her responsibility and she discusses the issue with her brother.

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Alderona: I do not know how to tell father that I no longer wish to hold onto my spirit power.

Kludo: Whatever do you mean?

Alderona: I do not want this, this gift as it’s called.

Kludo: Alderona, give it time…I have also gone through a difficult time with mine.

Alderona: I don’t want it, Kludo, I’ve thought about it.

Kludo: Have you already made your decision, Alderona?

Alderona: I believe I have.

Kludo: Have you spoken to anyone else about this?

(she nods her head no)

How long have you been debating this?

Alderona: Months. It’s too much to handle.  I want to be normal, like everyone else.  I don’t want to keep this secret inside of me anymore.

Kludo: Why not decide to never use your power only?  Why must you have it removed and erased?

Alderona: I want to disconnect from it entirely, it consumes so much of my thoughts.

Kludo: What if you grow to regret it, Alderona?  I would suggest giving yourself more time and if you still feel as you do, then you should talk to father.

Alderona: I’m not sure I can wait much longer…I will try.  I feel as though I belong more to the others, that I am more like they are, have more in common, similar interests.  It’s where I belong.

Kludo: I was going through the same thing at your age, which was not so long ago.  I wanted to remove my gift as well.  But then, there was an incident that happened.  Do you remember the train wreck that took place in Marcudian?

Alderona: Of course.

Kludo: Well, I was the one who prevented tragedy.

Alderona: What?  How?

Kludo: I ran away from home.  I was walking along the tracks when suddenly I heard a crash and noticed the train had come off its track.  Without thinking I slowed the train and held it afloat until I brought it back on its track.  I stopped the train entirely because the wheels had been so badly damaged, it couldn’t have continued going regardless.  But, had I not been there, had I not used myself, there would have been horrible consequences.  This is why, ever since that day, I realized the importance of what it is we do and I am thankful I did not have it erased.

Alderona: Rebecca was on that train.

Kludo: I know.  I found out later on that she was.  My point is that—

Alderona: I know your point.  I understand what you’re saying.  It only makes my decision harder, Kludo.

Kludo: Give it time.  Please. For me, give it time. Either way, I will support you but you must be sure before making such a decision.


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