Alderona is a scripted scifi scene between a brother and sister.  Siblings Alderona and Kludo have powers meant to protect human life.


ALDERONA: I desire free choice.

KLUDO: You mean, to be, human?


KLUDO: Who is Thomas?

ALDERONA: Don’t read my mind!

KLUDO: Then tell me the truth!

ALDERONA: Thomas is a friend.

KLUDO: I don’t believe you.


KLUDO: You have feelings for him.

ALDERONA: I don’t care!

KLUDO: You know what could happen.

ALDERONA: This is why I want my choice.

KLUDO: You have responsibilities. Gifts you’ve been endowed with, for a reason! Your supposed feelings, which aren’t to be trusted, are overriding your duty.


KLUDO: It should be understood.


KLUDO: You know the principles of what we abide by.

ALDERONA: It isn’t fair! I should have the right to decide.

KLUDO: You do –

ALDERONA: And I decide to oppose.

KLUDO: You know what happened to those that have opposed. We have been taught. Once you turn your back on your calling, there is no re- entry. Nothing can be done.

ALDERONA: What makes you think I would ever wish to return?

KLUDO: Because you are young and feeble minded.

ALDERONA: I am not!

KLUDO: You will be making a major mistake, for an idea that can’t be trusted.

ALDERONA: Isn’t it better to make a mistake, rather than never knowing what could have been?

KLUDO: Could have been? Rona, you are too young to actually imagine that some infantile romance with a human can ever rise to great love.

ALDERONA: You are wrong, Kludo!


KLUDO: I once felt for someone, as you do now…

ALDERONA: …You have?

KLUDO: There was a woman. We fell in love, she captivated me, I would wake up and think of her, at night I would long for her. But, soon I realized that it wasn’t meant to be. I wouldn’t have been able to fully trust my heart with hers. This work, it’s bigger than us, it’s more important to serve others than ourselves.

I thought about you, our mother, father, and the four pillars of our heritage. I would have destroyed everything, our lineage, our history, and for what? For love? Is human love so important? Is it more important than the ultimate sacrifice?

I had to choose, Rona. It does not mean I have stopped loving her, but, she is happy. She will be married with someone who will love her, someone who will be there for her, more than I ever could.

Someone she will eventually grow old with, someone who could protect her and keep her from harm.

ALDERONA: I can’t stop thinking of, what could be, what a life could be like, with him.

KLUDO: Eventually, in time, you’ll outgrow this feeling. You’ll have greater things on your mind.

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Alderona by Joseph ArnoneIn this short eScript, “Alderona”, Alderona confides in her brother because she no longer wishes to have her powers and desires to be completely human in order to have free choice and be released from her current responsibilities. 1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama/Science Fiction.

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