Every Position On The Chessboard

In this drama monologue from Venomous Impulse, Dad is forced to come to terms with his daughter and the trouble she has caused their family.

DAD: …You’re not possessed. You don’t know how to manage your emotions. You’ve been like this since you were a child. Everything in extremes, nothing ever regulated. I imagined by now, with all your life experience, you’d reach a point in your life that would allow you to have better control over yourself. These impulses…(sighs)…such venomous impulses you have…I wish I knew where they stemmed from…I almost wish you were possessed, it would give me the excuse to grab you and shake that rotten demon out from your existence.

…No, no this whole family has gone rotten…I do, I do, I do for everybody and where is the love that is supposed to fill this home when I enter it? Where?!

One would think you were given nothing, that you come from low-life trash to behave in the manner in which you behave.

No, no…


If you haven’t changed by now, I don’t know where we go from here.

Haven’t we tried everything? Haven’t we? (chuckles) I feel like we’ve played every position on the chessboard, millions and millions of wasted scenarios all leading up to the same result each time, a losing game.

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