How do you get used to all the blood?

In the drama scene from ‘Hush’, Luciana starts in on Claudia, testing her, before making a proposition to get what she wants.

LUCIANA: You’ve never visited my studio before?

CLAUDIA: No, never.

LUCIANA: Have time for a tour?

CLAUDIA: I’d love to but –

LUCIANA: I’ll have Andres give you a tour after our talk. He’d love to show you around the place.

CLAUDIA: That’s not really necessary.

LUCIANA: I know it’s not necessary. It’s nice. I like being nice.

CLAUDIA: …Okay, okay, alright.

LUCIANA: What’s your poison again?

Luciana makes her way over to the liquor bar.

CLAUDIA: Oh, I don’t drink anymore.

LUCIANA: You don’t drink? A woman of your kind is pretty lethal if she doesn’t drink.

CLAUDIA: (Chuckles lightly.) Well, I can’t. I found out, it isn’t good for me, my allergies.

LUCIANA: You’re kidding me?

CLAUDIA: Not really. Nearly died twice.

LUCIANA: Keeping count? Ha, ha, ha.

CLAUDIA: (Smiles to be polite.)

LUCIANA: Only fooling. Well, that’s serious. Allergies to alcohol. Blame it on your genes Claudia.

CLAUDIA: Afraid so.

LUCIANA: It’s all we can ever do. (Beat.) Don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t have a drink to calm the nerves every once and again…

CLAUDIA: I like to think I don’t know what I’m missing out on. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

LUCIANA: It’s not.


LUCIANA: Drinking. You’re missing out.

CLAUDIA: Yes, I guess I –

LUCIANA: You are. Some of my best moments have been from when I was boozing. You must live a pretty mundane existence these days then, huh?

CLAUDIA: I like to think I keep things interesting.

LUCIANA: How so?


LUCIANA: Yes, how so? What do you do, to keep it, interesting?

CLAUDIA: I like to go hiking these days, with my boyfriend, travel –

LUCIANA: Travel. Where?

CLAUDIA: Oh, uh, well we’ve been covering Europe but are planning to visit Asia at some point….we’re thinking of Japan this summer –

LUCIANA: Japan, huh? Not bad, not bad. Never been nor do I care to. Too long of a flight in my opinion, too much fuss takes the fun out of it all. But Europe is nice. Ever been to London?

CLAUDIA: England?

LUCIANA: London – right.

CLAUDIA: Yes, we’ve traveled there, I also studied there for one year.

LUCIANA: You did?

CLAUDIA: Yes, it was –

LUCIANA: You studied..the plastic surgery there?

CLAUDIA: No, I was studying medicine but it wasn’t until the following year that I found a passion for reconstructive surgery.

LUCIANA: Nice. Cigar? Let me guess, you’ll tighten up if you have a puff. Ha, ha, ha!

CLAUDIA: (Laughs, embarrassed.) No, I could. I’d just rather not.

LUCIANA: Of course. Hikers don’t smoke, do they? (Smiles.) You do good work by the way.

CLAUDIA: Thank you.

LUCIANA: Don’t know how you do it. I don’t have the stomach for it. Slicing people open like that, that’s not easy to do, is it? I give you credit.

CLAUDIA: You have to look at it with clear intentions. Straight, clean and dry. That’s my motto.

LUCIANA: Oh yeah?


LUCIANA: How do you get used to all the blood?

CLAUDIA: You get used to it.

LUCIANA: Really? Doesn’t phase you?

CLAUDIA: I manage.

LUCIANA: Marvelous. I could never.

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