Far Enough

In Far Enough, Matt tells his mother the truth about why he hasn’t been going out with his friends all summer long.

MATT:  Felix did something that can put him in jail, Ma…something bad and…the other fellas went along with it, but I didn’t, but, I’m not proud of myself for runnin’…I could have done something to help or to prevent the situation from gettin’ outta hand…I got as far as Maxine’s Pizzeria before I turned back…but by the time I got back there…it was too late…

I should have stood up to Felix and I hate myself for not…not doing the right thing when I could have. I could’ve taken him down with one shot…

When I saw her face, I, I tried to make her feel better, but she thought I was one of them and screamed at the top of her lungs at me and ran, she ran away and the other guys didn’t even turn around. They just laughed and kept walking further away. I was left there alone, wonderin’ what the hell just happened and I’ve decided to stay alone ever since.

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Far Enough by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Far Enough, Matt finally reveals to his mother why he’s been depressed and has kept to himself during the summer.  1 Woman, 1 Male Teen.  Drama.

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