See Me as a Stranger

In See Me as a Stranger, Gordy reveals a dark realization about himself that may have light at the end of the tunnel if he finds his way.

GORDY:  I got confused. I was walkin’ along the tracks and all of a sudden I blanked out, like, I didn’t know who I was, where I was, I didn’t know what I was doin’, where I was goin’ or comin’ from…I just was and I somewhat recognized the houses, when I looked at them I felt familiar with the rooftops and chimneys, but I couldn’t place it in my mind. This lasted for a few minutes, I think…I searched my pockets but all I found was some bumble gum wrappers and there was this large broken mirror on the side of a dumpster and I stared into it and all I saw was some dude with a dirty sweater and jeans on…I didn’t see myself and I screamed out, “Where am I?!” “WHERE AM I?!” And some homeless guy screamed back at me that I was in hell and that made me remember everything. Everything made sense to me again in a flash but now I’m left thinking that I was better off not knowing my life, that I wish I could erase it all…

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See Me as a Stranger by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act teen drama eplay, See Me as a Stranger, for the first time in his life Gordy acknowledges the fact that he needs to rise up and take full responsibility for his life, actions and his daughter Rachel.  2 Women, 1 Man, 1 Baby.  Drama. 

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