Gone Too Soon

In Gone Too Soon, Tarva visits her father at his trailer home in order to look after him ever since her mother passed away earlier in the year.

TARVA: Doesn’t it concern you that I travel two hours each day to make sure you haven’t died? I cook for you, clean for you, shop for you. And I can’t stand you moaning each time you make your way to the toilet, which is happening too often now.

Think you’d slow down on those beers you keep popping and HOW DO YOU DO IT? How does a man in your condition guzzle down them beers like you do? Hmm? (gesturing) Stomach out to here, waddling around this trailer like a penguin looking for snow. Lighten the load Pop!

(pause.) What you want for dinner? Want me to make you some shrimp pasta? Dad? Hey, I’m talking to you…Dad? Oh, I see, just gonna ignore me. (beat) Alright. (softer) Alright. I didn’t mean to come down on you like I did but your philosophy on life stinks. Can’t stand the way you live your life. Momma never would have tolerated it. (sighs) Alright. You say things to me that set me off, things that don’t show no respect for me and what I do for you. You always go head to head with me and then you go old school and ignore me like you do but you ain’t right! Ignoring me won’t make you right! (beat) Ahhh, what’s the sense of it. I didn’t mean to upset you and besides I just got here, we shouldn’t peak until later. (laughs) You get that? We’ll save the shouting after dinner. What’s wrong Daddy…you crying?

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Gone Too Soon In this one-act ePlay, Tarva visits her father’s trailer home in order to help take care of him.  It’s been many months since her mother died and her father copes with his pain by drinking and living carelessly.  1 woman, 1 man.  Drama.

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