Don’t you owe thousands in tickets?

Drama scene from short play, “Natural Habitat” wherein Cherry gives Redro his walking papers because he isn’t a good influence on her son.

CHERRY: What you doin’?

REDRO: Lookin’ for my license. Been drivin’ round without my license.

CHERRY: When d’ya get a new license? Don’t you owe thousands in tickets?

REDRO: Somethin’ I been fixin’. I was, I been to the court an’ saw the judge and got my name cleared.

CHERRY: When d’you go to court?

REDRO: Past month or so.

CHERRY: An you ain’t tell me?

REDRO: I gotta answer to you for everythin’?

CHERRY: That’s what couples do jackass.

REDRO: It was gonna be a surprise.

CHERRY: Surprise? What line a bullsh’t you be talkin’ boy?

REDRO: Was gonna rent me a vehicle, somethin’ nice and take you and Davey to a place I know about, a cabin up in them mountains, Pete’s place…he was gonna lend me his cabin for a week or so.

CHERRY: Too little, too late.

REDRO: Always too late with you.

CHERRY: Don’t start your sh’t. I’m not in the f’ckin’ mood.

REDRO: …You ain’t ever give anybody a second to iron out their troubles.

CHERRY: You had three years.

REDRO: I was goin’ through changes.

CHERRY: Changes? Ohh I see changes–

REDRO: Forget it! When am I gettin’ my pickup back, since it became the community pool?

CHERRY: You have your other truck.

REDRO: This one’s mine, too and I can get some extra work in if I have it back.

CHERRY: You can have it now if ya want. Tell Davey ta come out the water cause I ain’t tellin’ him. The only thing this boy has left.

REDRO: He could keep it till fall…I’ll make do…no big deal.

CHERRY: Right.

REDRO: Can’t even look at me when I talk to ya?

CHERRY: Am I supposed to see something different?

REDRO: I just thought we had a chance and you’re quittin’ on me much too soon.

CHERRY: Get outta here, Redro!

REDRO: I know I —

CHERRY: Dead beat.

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Natural Habitat by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Natural Habitat, Cherry breaks things off with her boyfriend Redro, despite the close bond her young  son Davey has with him.  1 Woman, 1 Man, Young Boy.  Drama.

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