I’m willing to die for you

A dark humor play script taken from the one-act eplay, ‘Act of Pure Love’ wherein Saul offers up a token to Nicki asking for forgiveness.

SAUL: I want you back.


SAUL: Nicki, we love each other.

NICKI: Love is a cheap word.

SAUL: But we really do.

NICKI: So, what?

SAUL: We have plans, major plans.

NICKI: Plans change, Saul.

SAUL: They can’t.

NICKI: They just did.

SAUL: It’s been weeks.

NICKI: (sarcastic laugh)

SAUL: Don’t laugh so loud.

NICKI: Afraid my Grandma will blow your head off?

SAUL: I’m willing to die for you.

NICKI (calling): Grandma?

SAUL: Shh! Don’t wake her!

NICKI: More lies!

SAUL: If she got up on her own accord, I’d face down the barrel.

NICKI: Sure you would.

SAUL: I have proof.

NICKI: Oh, yeah?

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Act of Pure Love by Joseph ArnoneIn the dark humor comedy eplay Act of Pure Love, Nicki has been staying at her family’s home after a terrible argument with her husband Saul.  Saul visits her at her family home in order to offer up a token of forgiveness.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Dark Humor. 

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