The kiss that started it all that night.

After being thrown out of the house Bob gets invited back in by Lea’s father in this serio-comedy scene from play, “With a Broken Wing.”

LEA:  Leave!

BOB: Wha –

LEA:  Get out of here!!

HESTER:  Lea, that’s no way to talk to Bobby boy –


Bob begins to leave. He exits.

LEA:  (To Hester.) You miserable b***h.  You’re out to ruin my life.  Whenever something good happens, you’re there to tear it to shreds, aren’t you?

Lea exits the room. Time passes.

Hester raises the volume up to her TV.  She gets up and starts dancing to it.

This dance goes on for about a minute before Jack and Bob enter through the front door. Jack entering first.

They both have an open beer each in their hands.

HESTER:  You’re home early.

JACK:  Got laid off.


JACK:  Again.


JACK:  Cause I’m cursed, that’s why.  It’s the black cloud that’s been following me around my whole life.

HESTER: (Notices Bob.)  What the hell is he doing back here?

JACK:  He was outside crying on the stoop.

HESTER:  Crying?

BOB:  I was, I, I was just –

JACK:  Like a baby.

HESTER:  Lea threw his ass out.

JACK:  I know.

HESTER:  The girl’s a savage.  Lea!  LEAAA!  You got company!!

Lea comes downstairs.

LEA: What the f’k Bob, I told you to leave!

BOB:  Your Dad invited me back in, so…

LEA:  Why’d you invite Bob back in?

JACK:  He was outside crying, like a weeping willow.  Should have seen him.  Had his head leaning up against the pole, looking out at the sky, mumbling…so, gave him a beer.

LEA (to Bob):  You were crying?

JACK:  Balling.  Like someone had died.  Horrible.

LEA:  Bob, that true?

BOB:  I was sad.

LEA:  But crying?

BOB:  …I guess.

JACK:  Like a goddamn wrecking ball –

LEA:  We get it, Dad!  (to Bob)  Really, Bobby?

BOB:  (Nods.)

LEA:  Aww.  That, I, I didn’t think you’d cry.

Lea hugs Bob. She kisses him hard.

HESTER:  Ain’t that sweet.  That their first kiss?

JACK:  How should I know?

HESTER:  Looks like it.  Remember our first kiss Jack?

JACK:  I do.  By the barbecue, weren’t it?

HESTER:  The kiss that started it all that night.

JACK:  Yes, it was.

HESTER:  But you’ve been fired!

LEA:  Fired?  Who?  Daddy?

HESTER:  Again!

LEA:  What the hell’s wrong with you, Dad?

JACK:  Don’t you two start gangin’ up on me now – I’ve just about had the worst day and if you wanta start somethin’ up, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree!

HESTER:  That’s the fifth time this year and we’re only in May!  That averages out to one a month.  Can’t hold a job down for beans!

JACK:  That’s not so –

LEA:  How’m I gonna have money for my prom dress, Dad?  You promised me a dress!

JACK:  You’re gettin’ a dress – shut your mouth!

HESTER:  Your father is a good for nothin’.  Just the sack.  He’s good in the sack, other than that he’s an absolute useless entity.

BOB:  I…I could get you your prom dress, Lea.

Everyone looks at Bob.

LEA:  What did you just say to me?

BOB:  I have savings.  I know I haven’t officially asked you to, if you’d go to the prom with me, but, I mean, if you’re so hellbent on having a proper dress and all, I mean, I’m sure I could help you out, give you the money, so you could be what you, you know, have what you want.

LEA:  But I’m already going to prom with Danny.

HESTER:  That ain’t right, Lea.  Did ya hear that Jack?  Look what we raised.  (Gives Lea a look of disgust.) Heartless savage.

BOB:  Who’s Danny?

LEA:  You don’t know him, Bob.  Danny’s from another school.

BOB:  Oh.

LEA:  Will you still give me the money?

BOB:  Well, if you really need it that bad.

JACK:  Bob, are you stupid?  Why the hell would you give my daughter money for a prom dress, when she isn’t going with you?

HESTER: She’s a good for nothing.  Dating all ’em boys who couldn’t give a rat’s a** about her.  They just wanna get in her knickers, think she notices?  It goes over her pretty little head.  She thinks every one of ’em is in love with her.  Love?  (Laughs.)  Finally, she meets a boy like Bob and in her stupid little head, he ain’t good enough.  You must really care for Lea, eh, Bob?

BOB:  I do.

JACK:  You’re dumb boy.

HESTER:  Shut up, Jack.  When’s the last time you done something special like that for me?

JACK:  We’re not talking about me.  We’re talking about Bob here.

HESTER (to Lea):  Who the hell is Danny?

LEA:  You don’t know him.

HESTER:  Why not?  I’m supposed to know everything.

LEA:   Well, you don’t.

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