The Other Half of Madeline

In The Other Half of Madeline, Madeline confesses the truth to her son about what really caused the death of his sister Lily.

MADELINE: I’ll tell you the sickening truth…I’ve only lived with it long enough. When I saw your Father coming to hit me, he was in some sort of drunken rage, hollering obscenities at me and throwing things all around the house, well, I was breastfeeding your sister and I tried to stay calm, but Billy got outta control, and he approached me and when he went to strike me I held Lily up to block him, never thinking he’d keep going and never realizing that he would. When his fist connected, it landed straight at the back of Lily’s head. It was the single biggest mistake I ever made in all my living years. I still don’t understand what made me hold her up in front of my face like that. Maybe it was my own pent-up revenge on Billy, I can’t deny that possibility. (beat) All I know is that we both shared in something evil and that single act changed our lives forever. You say you come from a sick family? Well, there’s your stone cold evidence.

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The Other Half of Madeline MiniIn the one-act ePlay, The Other Half of Madeline, Madeline and her son Luke revisit the past, which reveals the truth of how Lily died. 1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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