Makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.

In drama scenes from one-act play script, “The Last Person”, Susan has a strange encounter with a man, while relaxing on a park bench.

ROGER: Where did you get those shoes?

SUSAN: What?

ROGER: The shoes. (Pointing) Where’d you get them?

SUSAN: I bought them.

ROGER: You did?

SUSAN: I did.

ROGER: Where’d you buy them from?

SUSAN: Italy.

ROGER: Oh! Italian shoes!


ROGER: Hand crafted?

SUSAN: Well, I’d assume –

ROGER: Tailor made?

SUSAN: No. I-I went into a shop, picked them out, tried them on and bought them.

ROGER: How uninteresting.

SUSAN: Well, you’re the one who asked –

ROGER: Brown! What made you choose brown?

SUSAN: I didn’t have brown in my collection.

ROGER: Collection?

SUSAN: This color…I didn’t have this shade of brown in my collection of shoes.

ROGER: Why not?

SUSAN: Well, I, I don’t know why exactly. I hadn’t ever fully thought about it…till I noticed.

ROGER: Noticed, what?

SUSAN: Noticed I was missing this shade of brown in my collection of shoes.

ROGER: You are a shoe collector.

SUSAN: Well, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a –

ROGER: But you just told me you have a shoe collection.

SUSAN: That’s in general.

ROGER: General?

SUSAN: Like collecting baseball cards or stamps or understand, don’t you?

ROGER: So, you’re rich.

SUSAN: I wouldn’t say –

ROGER: If you have a shoe collection, you’re rich. Why deny it?

SUSAN: I’m certainly not poor, but –

ROGER: Certainly.

SUSAN: What difference does it make what I am?

ROGER: It doesn’t.


ROGER: Makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.

SUSAN: Good.

ROGER: It must make you feel better to know that…?

SUSAN: It doesn’t make me feel anything. I simply don’t like being questioned about how much money I have.

ROGER: I never asked you how much money you have.

SUSAN: Well, it’s kind of rude to discuss these matters. Not everything has to be about how much money one makes doing this or doing that…or what one is profiting off.

ROGER: Care to elaborate?

SUSAN: Are you playing games?

ROGER: Games?

Susan gathers her belongings and stands.

SUSAN: I don’t have time for this.

ROGER: If I spoke nicely, without being in any way demanding of an answer..if I were kind to you, only kind..would you stay?

SUSAN:, I cannot stay. Sorry.

ROGER: No, no..I am the one who is sorry. Terribly sorry, terribly. (Sighs.) Someone died today and I don’t know WHO.

SUSAN: Excuse me?

ROGER: Someone died today and I don’t know WHO.

SUSAN: Wh..where?

ROGER: Central Park West. An hour or so ago.

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The Last Person by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “The Last Person”, Susan encounters an odd man while she tries to relax on a park bench overlooking a lake in Central Park.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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