I’m Not the Needy Type, Right?

“I’m not the needy type, right?” brings together best friends Natalie and Meagan in this hilarious one-act eplay titled, Phone Calls.

Meagan: I’m not the needy type, right?

Natalie: You are not needy.

(her phone rings again)

Meagan: It’s Frank, it’s Frank, it’s Frank, it’s Frank. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! Ummmmmmm, I gotta answer now, right?

Natalie: Answer it! Answer it!

Meagan: Okay, okay! (taking in deep breath) Hello? Hello?! (beat) He hung up!

Natalie: Maybe he hung up at the same time you answered your phone. Relax—

Meagan: No, no…you see? You see what I mean? I’m just jinxed, I’m cursed with men in my life. I will never never never be happy.

Natalie: That’s not true. In the grand scheme of things you have had many happy moments with men.

Meagan: Yes, but they don’t last. I’m such an idiot. I should have answered the phone. I can’t call him back now cause it won’t look right to call him back.

Natalie: Call him back.

Meagan: And say what Nat? It’s loud in here anyway.

Natalie: That’s good. Let him think you have a social life. I mean, you do have a social life but let him think you are too busy for him.

Meagan: You want me to call him back and act like I’m too busy for him?

Natalie: Don’t call him back. All I’m saying is that if he DOES call you again, that you should answer and tell him you will call him back.

Meagan: When?

Natalie: When what?

Meagan: When should I tell him I will call him back?

Natalie: Whenever.

Meagan: What if he asks?

Natalie: Then tell him later on tonight.

Meagan: Tonight?

Natalie: Yeah, why?

Meagan: That won’t seem desperate?

Natalie: How can that seem desperate when you are returning HIS call?

Meagan: You’re right. I’m getting too analytical. I can feel it in my jaw.

Natalie: Your jaw?

Meagan: Whenever I think too much I get a strange build up of tension in my jaw…lock jaw.

(phone rings)

Natalie: Now calmly, calmly answer your phone and tell him what I told you. You will call him later.

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Meagan is stressed out over Frank who is a new guy she met and who apparently happens to be using the guys ‘three day rule’ on her.  Her best friend Natalie tries to talk some sense into her in this one act comedic play.

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