What Do You Do for a Living?

In this 2 person comedy scene, Lucia and Arnold are on a first date but the trouble is that they are from different time periods in history. From the play Over The Moon.

LUCIA: What do you do for a living?

ARNOLD: I manage the land.

LUCIA: You’re a real estate guy. I figured you’d be something like that. I work at a nail salon. I’m really great with nails, always been great with nails. Wanted to be an artist originally like a great painter but settled on doing nails. I get loads of compliments too, cause of the detail. See, that’s the thing about it, life is in the details. Most people forget the details, like when Steve Jobs and his team signed their names inside the original Apple computers, that’s detail, right? And when I paint tiny stars, or trees or cats and dogs for my clients, that’s detail and I get good tips for that kind of level of work.

ARNOLD: You’re incredible.

LUCIA: I’m a nail technician.

ARNOLD: And that makes you incredible. Can you paint my nails?

LUCIA: Really? Well, I guess I can if..(she searches her bag) Ah! You’re in luck. I usually carry a few colors of nail polish with me wherever I go. It keeps me calm just knowing they’re with me. Like a comfort thing. If something goes wrong, I whip them out and I get to painting my nails and I can breathe clearly again. I get anxiety. Do you care what color I use on you?

ARNOLD: Not at all.

LUCIA: Cool.

Lucia begins painting Arnold’s nails.

ARNOLD: Fascinating.

LUCIA: Yeah, started doing this since I could walk and talk. And since the moon is out, I’m going to place a tiny moon right there on your pinkie as a reminder of our special night.

ARNOLD: You’re too kind.

LUCIA: Don’t mention it. I mean, I can always go back to painting on canvas. I still have a few of them canvases laying around my apartment. It’s not like I can’t pick up the brush at any time. My hands still work. (beat) You like that?

Arnold holds up his hand and stares in awe.

ARNOLD: Magnificent.

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