Qualified For The Job

Qualified For The Job is a monologue from the play Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.  Jack talks to his boss about how grateful he is for being able to work for her.

JACK: I’ve always been proud to work for you. You’ve always stood for an ideal that made me feel the world wasn’t so bad. This company made me believe in something, it gave me hope again.

Before you hired me, I was in a dark place. I was depressed with the world and what I amounted to in my life. I must have sent out thousands of resumes, gone on hundreds of interviews and I couldn’t catch a break.

I sometimes imagine what I would have done had I not been hired that day I came in for my interview with you…I still can’t believe how lucky I was…I wasn’t even supposed to be interviewed by you that day, but Rebecca got food poisoning during lunch and so we met and you did the interview with me.

I was a nervous wreck meeting you, but I kept it together, barely. I knew I wasn’t qualified for the job, but as we spoke I realized how bad I wanted to work for you because of your energy. I felt good. I felt your warmth and I wanted to be part of that.

You changed my life. Literally. I was overdo on my car payments. I was about to get evicted. My girlfriend and I broke up. My father was dying. My life was a horror movie but you were a ray of light that beamed right through me that day.

You gave me a way out. You gave me a chance to be somebody again and I will forever be grateful to you for that.

…I never asked you this but why did you hire me?

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