Not When You’re Around

In Not When You’re Around, Ada lets her father know that she wishes he gave her love and affection, instead of neglect and dysfunction.

ADA:  You called me a loser. That’s like throwing a rock at a lion. Big mistake. You call me a loser? Where do you get your head big enough to think you can give that word any meaning by associating it with who I am? Words liker loser, failure, they don’t apply to me, never did and never will. You know why? Cause I am willing to die for what I believe in. Are you? You never had any passion and even if you did you wouldn’t even be aware of it cause you haven’t got the self-awareness. (exploding) You don’t know my life!!! (calming)…You sit in your rocking chair year in and year out, talking about doing something, thinking about doing something, I’m out here day after day bleeding. Not once have you ever showed any sort of support. Never come to my art showings. Never look at any of my work and raise an eyebrow. Nothing. Cold as ice on a summer day.

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Not When You're Around MiniIn the one act eplay Not When You’re Around,  Ada and her father Barney talk out their problems with the hope of making things better.  When things seems to fail between them, a bit of luck comes their way and they just may have a chance at forming a greater bond.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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