Little Flying Soldiers

In Little Flying Soldiers, Pete talks with a young college student in response to her question about what he loves most in life.

PETE:  Ahh love…love comes in many shapes and forms. I like books. Always have. You’ll find me on the block here with ’em books on tables. Takin’ great pleasure in offerin’ up my library to strangers and see what their interests are…I study ’em, people, get a glimpse of their thoughts, when I see ’em looking at all the covers of books, watch their minds turn and then it happens, like a light going on in the dark and they reach for it, hold the book in their hands, feel its texture, the weight, its shape…they might read the back first or the introduction or my favorite, the select few who turn to a random page and start reading…their eyes narrow, and I wait for the most magnificent moment of all, at least I hope for it to occur, that moment when a random stranger starts to bond with a random book, like destiny, like a pair of soul mates coming together for the first time. And there it is, captured, I cherish it…they look up at me and ask the most exciting question, “How much?”…and deep down I already know I can give them any silly price, it won’t matter, cause their mind’s already made up. Ain’t that love?

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Little Flying SoldiersIn the one act eplay Little Flying Soldiers, Rona and Pete are strangers in a park who become fast friends which serves as a profound turning point for both of their lives.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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