Maybe You’re Having a Mental Breakdown of Some Sort?

Cathy is having random outbursts towards innocent people based on her emotions in this scene from one-act eplay, Ice Cream from a Window.

BARBRA: …Cathy, maybe you’re having a mental breakdown of some sort?

CATHY: You’re too dumb to have one yourself sister.

BARBRA: Excuse me?

CATHY: Look at your own dull life. Look where we are sitting right now. Some ridiculous ice cream parlor that thinks it’s still 1950’s Americana. Who’s kidding who?

BARBRA: I’m not sure I follow.

CATHY: The facade! Where all living in a dream world.

BARBRA: …Cathy–

CATHY: We accept it. We don’t break out from it. We live in it because we know nothing else or we’re too afraid to go beyond our own comfort zone and climb up the mountain.

BARBRA: What mountain?

CATHY: You’re a mindless nut! You look at me like I’m the one who’s nuts? Ha! YOU are the one that is cracked. This whole town is cracked, which is why I’m cracked, which is why I have no love in my heart to give to an innocent little child, a beautiful, warm faced child that I do love deeply, not metaphorically, but delicately, patiently, like a good Mother does. Yes?

BARBRA: Yes, yes you do.

CATHY: Good. I feel better now.

BARBRA: You do?

CATHY: You’re a dear friend, Barbra. Did you know that?

BARBRA: Well, I—

CATHY: You are. To listen to this ongoing babble in the middle of a 1950’s ice cream parlor. You take the cake, don’t you? That’s why you are rose cheeked and always play possum. You’re a righteous fool and I love you for it. I do. I don’t tell you often enough and friends should be able to express how they feel to one another without humiliation. (blows her a kiss) That’s for you. A big one. (blows her a kiss) And that is for your brain.

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Ice Cream From a Window by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Ice Cream From a Window Cathy meets her friend Barbra as a last-ditch effort to avoid having a complete mental breakdown.  2 Women.  Drama.  

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