Nothin’ but Good Things

In Nothin’ but Good Things Betty Sue talks to her ex-boyfriend about what she’s been up to regarding her music career as a singer.

BETTY SUE: No, well, I do, but it’s my own label, that’s how you do things nowadays, you make your own label and get yourself out there, until a bigger, more established record label comes along and scoops you up, cause you proved yourself and all. It’s business. Problem is…one never teaches you that. All business. I just learn as I go basically. Learn by doing. Ain’t no other way about it. Just gotta do and hope, sure need a lot of hope in this world (laughs). It’s not so much about the meaning of the songs anymore, as much about how much they’re gonna make. I try. (she smiles shyly) Don’t know if it’s cause I’m a bad singer or bad business woman. (laughs) Maybe both. I don’t know why I chose this way, Dunston, there were a lot more things I coulda done…but you know, life just has a way of kinda making you run in circles sometimes, it’s not like you choose to, there’s just something always tryna bring you back home. I don’t mean to sound down or anything. I didn’t come all this way to talk about my misfortune…sure, there are a lot better things worth discussing!

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Nothing But Good Things MiniIn the one act eplay Nothin’ but Good Things, Betty Sue and former lover Dunston meet up during a moonlit night after years of not seeing one another.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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