On the Side of a Hill

In On the Side of a Hill, Regan questions the fatherhood he’s shown his son Chuck, while he cooks hot dogs on the grill.

REGAN: Oh, I mean other folk…not to say that there haven’t been good times, there’s been decent times worth living for but you know where we are, how things shape up, the way things move in these parts; you gotta move with the current or you drown; it’s hard to go out and carve your own path; maybe that’s what I shoulda done all along; I wonder if we’d be worse off…I’m losing my damn appetite thinking about all this…have I failed you son? You’re as honest as my overalls…tell me; cause; I’m all too aware of it, of all the chances that were dangled right in front of my face, the smell being too ripe to taste, just a single bite, that’s all I ever needed and I’d be on my way…(laughs) on my way to where? NO, no…(clears throat) we have three dogs left, wanna split ’em?

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On the Side of a Hill by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay On the Side of the Hill, Chuck learns more about what his father is going through all while having a cookout on their farm together.  2 Men.  Drama/Family Drama.

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