Before The Light Went Out

In Before The Light Went Out, Samuel is approached by his sister Roisin for not being in the room when their mother passed.  Drama. 2 person play.

SAMUEL: I watched her there, through the window. I watched her take her last breath, through that horrible window. I’ve been here all morning, I couldn’t move. I don’t know what’s more frozen, my heart or my bones.

The window curtains kept blowing. Every now and again I’d see an image of her, propped up on the bed, white as a ghost, staring into space…but, somehow, I could tell she felt my presence, somehow I know she knew I was right there.

I saw her chest heaving and all I could do was wait.

I wanted to go running to her, tell her everything I needed to tell her before the light went out, but I couldn’t, you see, not for the way we been treated, you see…not for the way we were raised all those years…less than wounded animals…

Ahh, what’s the sense of any of it, really…what sense does any of this matter?

Been cloudy all morning, but the sun decided to show up, just as Mom departed. It was warm, it was inviting, I was embraced by it; by her, the last and only time she had ever given me that; I can still feel the ice left on my cheeks.

She left us safely. It’s been still ever since.

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Before The Light Went OutIn this one-act ePlay, Samuel gets help from his sister after the loss of their mother.  Samuel needs to find the courage to emotionally support his family in need, despite coming from a broken home.

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