One Foot in the Grave

In One Foot in the Grave, Fratz talks to his neighbor Harriet about how he feels worthless and can’t seem to make a life for himself.

FRATZ:  I don’t. I mean, what the hell else do I got to do with myself, right? Bored stiff; loafin’ ’round all day. Everybody I know is dead. Not you, but you know what I mean. My family. I’m physically tired Harriet, there’s nothin’ left for me to do.

I’ve no reason to get up in the mornin’. No interests to keep me goin’. D’you know…I never realized what a boring person I was till I had all this extra time on my hands. I never done no sports, I never took an interest in those art things, can’t stand politics…what else is there? Science? Maybe science but even that gets on my nerves…everything feels so limiting…isn’t that horrible? …I know it’s me, there’s something wrong with me. Can’t seem to connect with anything or anyone..I try, but it’s empty, everything’s empty because I’m empty.

I never took a moment to participate in life. I just drowned myself in work and now that I can see and hear and breathe life all in, I am full of regret…I let them go, the most important things and I can’t ever have them back again. Why? Why does life do that to us? Why do we realize these things when it’s all too late? Why didn’t I notice that they needed me?

Why should I deserve to live now? What makes my life worth keeping on? After all the things I didn’t do…what right do I even have to be any better? I shouldn’t talk this way but I can’t help but wonder why I should be worth it. I think I’m in mourning…for the life I didn’t have.

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One Foot in the Grave by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay One Foot in the Grave, Fratz discusses his life altering dilemma with his nextdoor friend and neighbor Harriet.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Serio-Comedy/Drama.

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