Let The World See Us

In Let The World See Us, Simon talks to the closest person he has in his life, Cyrus, who also works for his company.

SIMON:  I’ve become stone, ice. Life has been tough on me, it has shaped me into being something I am not…I used to be this sensitive child, a shy boy, vulnerable, weak even…obsessed with my mother’s love, protected. When I stepped foot into this world, I was shown things that were nothing like the bubble I grew up in…I became angry at my mother for loving me so damn much, she kept all harmful things away from me. As a man, I was either going to sink or swim…I had no father, my father was always a piece of sh’t to me…an anger that still propels me forward…but, through my mother’s love, I found inside myself some kind of untapped knowledge, she gave me the foundation to be what I’ve become…a brute, when necessary. I am disappointed in myself, because I may have gone too far, I may have bitten on more than my heart desires, not because I can’t stomach the fight, but more because I don’t think it is necessary and I’m struggling to pull myself back and find the younger man I once was.

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Let The World See Us MiniIn the one act eplay Let The World See Us, Cyrus tries talking Simon out of removing the entire board of his company because she fears terrible circumstances in response.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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