Over The Moon

In Over The Moon, Lucia is on a first date with a man from the 1700’s. Together they sit under the soft moonlight in NYC’s Central Park.

LUCIA: It’s self-imposed claustrophobia. I can’t get back outside myself. Not sure if I ever was outside myself. You don’t follow me at all, do you? That’s not to say your dumb, cause you’re a really nice fella and all, it’s just that the way you look at me is different. Different in the way that you actually care to listen to my problems, but also different in the way that it doesn’t seem to register…on your face…what I’m saying. Sure, I’m grateful to even be heard in this great big world of ours. Isn’t that amazing? Like, how there are billions of us spread out over the Earth and most of us don’t really know one another? I find that scary. I sound like a real tulip, don’t I? They do talk, you know…flowers, all we have to do is listen. I pay attention to things like that. I had this mother once who used to try and take care of plants but they would always die on her after a time. Till one day she went on holiday and left me in charge of all the plants and within a week they were all standing straight up, stretching out towards the sun…you know why? I would sing to them softly. In the mornings, after I watered them, I’d sing them sweet nursery rhymes…I felt an instant connection, I would even say bond, you know, like they were friends of mine, even family if you really want to know the truth…great people…in a way you remind me of them cause you listen and don’t respond much. It’s nice. It’s nice cause you have nice eyes and I like looking into your eyes.

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Over The Moon PlayOver The Moon is a one-act eplay about a first date between two very different yet very similar people. 1 Woman, 1 Man. Comedy/Fantasy.

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