Lost Against the Alley

In drama monologue, “Lost Against the Alley”, Buck explains to Orla why he thinks going out for his job interview is a waste of time.

BUCK: I told you, there’s these scouts that hit you up on your profile, sending you a message, making you feel special, when all they’re doing is going through the motions to secure their own job. There ain’t nobody tryin’ to hire. You have to read between the lines, Orla. See the game. I’m not saying they won’t ever hire someone like me, but in an extremely rare case. Like, when everyone else who comes before me gets hired first, I’m last. I’ll always be last, ’cause I started from the ground, so I’ll be last. I’m like the one who gets hired when they run out of people better qualified than me, and even then, I gotta watch out, ’cause there’s always someone lurking in the corner ready to take my place.

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Lost Against the Alley by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Lost Against the Alley” Buck is trying to figure out a way to avoid his job interview because he feels that it’s pointless to even try going. His girlfriend Orla has a different point of view.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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