10 Intense Scenes for Acting Study

10 Intense Scenes for Acting Study from short plays published on Monologue Blogger and available for actor training.

10 Intense Scenes for Acting Study

How do you get used to all the blood?” from Hush
A top film studio executive wants to destroy the career of an actor and speaks with a plastic surgeon for a possible ‘business arrangement’.

I gave you what I promised.” from Night of the Party
Although this play is a dark comedic piece, the intensity between the two characters makes sense for this title to be shared here.  Maggie wants to go out to a private party while her husband Ron is fed up with attending.  The two are drinking while getting ready and sparks fly.

Last night was the most unusual night.” from I Saw Two Clouds in the Sky Kiss Once
Luna is staying inside a rehab center but keeps hearing strange sounds throughout the course of the night.

It is life’s nature to make us evolve…” from Petals From a Rose
Margaret and Clifford used to be lovers who were about to start a life together when something tragic took hold of Clifford and prevented them from being together.

Since when does a heart have to be in it?” from Bullet Wound
Russel and Aspen are literally partners in crime who go out on “errands” based on the intel they receive, except their latest intel is meant to extinct one another.

We’re here to talk about the truth.”  from Julia
Julia has been struggling to find help regarding the visions she keeps getting tormented by, until Dr. Ava comes into her life offering a new possibility.

I thought we were going to make a deal.” from Figure of Speech
Leonard is in dire straits with his company and his friend Gary is looking to buy him out, but the offer presented isn’t the offer Leonard ever expected.

We’re nowhere…so we probably don’t mean nothin.”  from For All We’ve Got
Two teenagers try to figure out a way out of their desperation for a better life.

Didn’t you say you were inviting me out?”  from Charade
Reginald and Philip debate one another over who should be picking up the dinner check.

Why can’t the act of writing be solely for me?”  from The Typed Manuscript
Jessica has been invited by reclusive and world famous novelist Edwina but the two don’t get off to a great start.

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