Perfect Little Bubble

In the short drama script, “Perfect Little Bubble”, Roxy and Harper try to cope with scary events that took place the night before.

Perfect Little Bubble



HARPER throws a handful of pebbles at the ocean. ROXY looks on from her seated beach towel position.

She claps her hands.

She claps her hands again. Harper turns to look at her. She waves for him to come to her.



HARPER:  What’s up?

Roxy talks softly with a strained sounding voice.

ROXY:  I want you to sit with me.

HARPER:  Want to throw some rocks with me?

ROXY:  No. Just sit with me, please.

HARPER:  How’s your throat?

ROXY:  Stings.

Harper inspects Roxy’s neck.

HARPER:  The make-up seems to be holding up.

ROXY:  Yeah?

HARPER:  Mmm-hmm.

ROXY:  I have to put more on before dinner.

HARPER:  Which should be soon, right?

ROXY:  Mmm-hmm.

Roxy drinks water.

HARPER:  Keep nursing it. I’ll make you green tea when we get back.

ROXY:  …Harper, I’m sorry for the way I’ve been…I hope this doesn’t change things.

HARPER:  It’s awkward. I’m not gonna lie.

ROXY:  I think it’s the pressure of it all. Everything’s happening at once. So fast.

HARPER:  But we talked about this at length, didn’t we?

Roxy nods.

I wouldn’t have set this whole thing up if you were uncomfortable. We could have waited.

ROXY:  But, I don’t want to wait.

Do you want to wait?

HARPER:  I didn’t…I’m taken back by last night. I woke up with the strangest feeling. I don’t know how to put it into words. I never experienced anything like that before, Roxy.

ROXY:  I know. I’m sorry.

HARPER:  I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. (beat) The worst part about it was that when I found you, I thought someone had done the most terrible thing to you. The blood drained from me…does anyone know about this?

ROXY:  Not about last night. My family thinks it hasn’t happened for years, but whenever I’m too overwhelmed…it’s my only way out.

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Perfect Little Bubble by Joseph ArnoneIn the short drama script, “Perfect Little Bubble”, Harper is trying to process an emotional ‘episode’ experienced with his soon to be, Roxy.  It’s the day after, they are both on the beach…talking.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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