Safer Place

In Safer Place, Elaine finally confronts her neighbor Bruce after hearing and witnessing abuse to a teenage boy she cares about.

ELAINE:  Bruce, I already told you once, if you touch that child one more time that I would call Children’s Protective Services, which is what I’m going to do. I warned you! The second you shut your door I heard him scream in pain. I will not allow you to do that anymore! You hear me?! I want him to come with me where he’ll be safe and looked after. (she calls for boy) Jess! JESSE! Let him out, Bruce. You’re an abusive, toxic man; you put another finger on him and I’ll plant a punch on you, much worse than before. The boy will stay with me and he’ll know the truth about you, who you are…I will do everything in my power to work out a better way for him to stay with me permanently, I’ll be his guardian. The guardian Jesse needs. I won’t have this go on a day longer. Let him out now or I will call the police and have you arrested.

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Safer Place MiniIn the one act eplay Safer Place, Elaine comes to defend and help young Jesse in order to take him away from his abusive life and to become his legal guardian.  1 Woman, 1 Man and 1 Teen.  Drama.

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