The Broken Piano

In The Broken Piano, mother and daughter go head to head over a pair of headphones which serves as a metaphor for their relationship.

PEGGY:  You’re so clever. You coaxed me into going into that dreadful shop. I couldn’t have cared less about going there but you guided me to it and of course I wanted to go in but it wasn’t my original intention, I wasn’t even thinking about going into the music shop. I’m broke. I have no money. Why would I even consider it? But we went in because you suggested it, you took us down that path and we went in. And where did you go? You walked straight over to the audio section, to get me to fumble over headphones.

All of those clunky, degenerate headphones that function only as a way to cost shopper’s money. And you fell for it. You kept going on about THIS headphone or THAT headphone and the COLORS and the this and the that and you turned my stomach like always. I had no choice but to have you buy them! And WHY? WHY? You know why? Because YOU have guests. YOU are forever inviting guests into our house and so you want me to wear those stupid headphones like some lump in a corner, while you serve tea and cookies. All the while pointing at me and talking about me while I try to concentrate on my playing.

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The Broken Piano by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Broken Piano, Roxanne is making painful admissions to herself over the reality of her daughter Peggy’s behavior and temperament.  Their relationship is a rocky one despite the efforts both of them make.  2 Women.  Drama.

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