No Harm In Asking

In No Harm In Asking, Luzzy talks to her stepson about how she understands the pain of having had a difficult father in your life.

LUZZY:  These things happen you know, all the time. My daddy was a real son (mumbles) of ’em. Went off each night thinkin’ there were paratroopers falling out the sky…used to find him in Creeker’s Field, near that turkey farm; used to find him stretched out on his back making dirt angels. There be hundreds of them, all across the field, these dirt angels he made to keep the paratroopers from landing in our town…he’d come home filled to the brim with dirt, only thing clean were his pupils…he’d go on the whole day like that as if nothin’ happened, he’d greet other townsfolk, go and take a drive to the hardware store, send off letters, walk the dog, fix the house roof…hell, he was off his rocker…he didn’t mean nobody no harm that man. He were a sweet man with a sweet tooth, too. Took me to th’ old candy shop every Sunday after church and we’d take on these zaps of sugar rushin’ all through our spines and we’d love it; I got two teeth in my mouth to prove it…them were them days, ah…but then he’d go on these…transformations, he’d lock me up in the closet and go on his rampage; tear the whole house down but never find me…he frightened me so…(she swallows) that was my daddy, alright…

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No Harm In Asking by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay No Harm In Asking, Corbin visits his stepmother for not telling him his father died and has been buried without him ever knowing.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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