Sands of Monotony

In Sands of Monotony, Tina blows up at her boyfriend because she can’t take the mundane life they’ve been living together.

TINA: THIS, THIS. Routine! Aren’t you tired of the routine? Don’t you have any desire to break the monotony? Anything! Fall on the floor and cry your eyes out. Something! Different! You wake up, have your coffee, take a shower, go to work, come home, EAT, poop, watch TV, go to bed. Day in, day out, week after week.

Wouldn’t you like to shake things up a bit? Invite me to a restaurant? Buy a bottle of wine? Have a walk along the riverside while holding my hand? What about joining a class to develop a hobby? You can talk about something different, other than babies fallin’ out of windows in Brooklyn! An’ if we really want a heart attack, maybe book a trip somewhere on planet Earth that we can go to, discover warm sand and pina coladas. I see couples on YouTube! Aren’t you…aren’t you alive anymore, Chester? Don’t you want to grab the world in your hands and roar an’ beat your chest like a gorilla? Parachute out of a plane! Climb a mountain! Get lost in Europe!

Don’t you love me? Can’t we spend more time together the way people should? I’m tired of going to these beauty parlors, hearing ‘Bettys’ talk about their crazy neighbors, or seeing everything look the same. I want to look different. Braid my hair an’ get a tan. Drink the oxygen in the air until I’m drunk with happiness…are you with me?

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Sands of Monotony by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Sands of Monotony Tina has had enough with her boring life and demands her boyfriend Chester invent something special for them both to do.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Serio-comedy.

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