In Stardust, 13 year old Doogie has a secret crush on his best friend Everly and in this monologue, he let’s the cat out of the bag unintentionally.

DOOGIE:  That ain’t true, Ev. You’re—they don’t fit in with you, not you with them…you know? Uh. You’re all the things they are missin’ out on, you’re kind, funny, smart and tough. Yeah. Tough. I like that you’re so tough. Like when we climbed over them fences to get access to the golf course that time and we drove that golf cart across the field, ha ha, and we went flyin’ over that hill and tumbled over and afterwards you looked at me and was like, “Let’s go again!” Like we was in some adventure park and I just thought you was fearless. And, uh, I guess what I’m sayin’ is that you as a person is uh—you have a lot to offer somebody without feelin’ like you don’t fit in cause if Brian ever got to know you like I have, well, he’d probably like you as much as me, I mean, like your personality and stuff, he’d like you more than me probably, enough to try and kiss you maybe, if you—since you like him that way is all. So’s, I’d just have confidence like you usually do and not worry too much about any of it. Just be you and let things be what they gonna be.

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Stardust MiniIn this one-act eplay, Everly has a crush on Brian, but her best friend Doogie has a crush on Everly. By accident Everly discovers Doogie’s feelings for her and this sets them both on a different path.  Serio-comedy.  1 Female Teen, 1 Male Teen.  Both 13 years old.

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