Smile Pretty, Alice

In this female dramatic monologue, Anita tells her neighbor that she knows she cheats on her husband and that she is appalled by her behavior.

ANITA:  Smile pretty, Alice.  We both know one thing…the truth.  We both know what you’ve done.  We both know. Your poor husband, a good man at that, will never come to realize what a louse you truly are.  A real whore is what you are!

You think it was okay to spread your legs for that other fellow?  You think it was excusable?  Have you rationalized it to yourself and justified it in the face of God?  You call yourself a holy woman!  Pshhhh!

It’s okay.  I know you are not in a happy marriage.  Smile pretty, Alice.  Smile like the world shines for you.  Smile as if it were okay to shame a man, yourself and your children.  They should only know the real you.  I hope the day never comes when the truth is told.  It will not be from my lips but it will be told.

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In this one-act play, Anita confronts her neighbor about seeing her cheat on her husband.  2 Women.  Drama.

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