The Face of a Great Actress

In The Face of a Great Actress, Amber tells her husband Cody that he needs to stop spoiling their three year old child.

AMBER:  Because you spoil her rotten. She has more stuffed dolls than I’ve ever seen. We could open up a toy store at this point Cody. All she needs to do is point and you buy it for her. How is that setting a good example? I am yet to see you say no to her. Instead you let me do all the dirty work. She has her fits with me when I want her to go to bed, when I want her to take a nap, when I want her to eat. She’s getting worse all on account that you give her everything. So when I tell her no, she goes head to head with me and she’s only three years old! You are building a monster and you don’t even realize it.

Learn to tell her no. Let her stew in her own mess. One day when things get rough for her and we’re not around, what is she going to do then? Who will she depend on? She needs to have backbone. She needs to depend on herself. Or else she’ll never amount to anything in this life. She’ll always be looking for the easy way out or just become some lazy, whiny person who moans about every little insignificant thing…can’t stand people like that.

Please, don’t make my daughter become anything less than what she can be. I want her strong, fierce, determined…I want her to do things on her own so she can learn to live in this world, it’ll eat her alive if she doesn’t.

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The Face of a Great Actress by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Face of a Great Actress, Amber and her husband Cody have different views on how they should raise their daughter.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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