The Intelligent Kind

In The Intelligent Kind, Trudy refuses to sign a document that will grant permission for her son to be taken to ‘The Program’.

TRUDY:  You wanted this to happen, didn’t you? So you can watch this farm die, come home for supper and drink yourself to death along with it. You don’t love your son. You’ve never loved your son. “Always gettin’ in the way.” Isn’t that what you say, “That boy’s always gettin’ in the way!”  Complainin’ ’bout him ever since he was born, how he’s, how he’s a financial strain hanging over our heads, making matters worse with this depression! What better time to send him off to some program? Off to a place we know nothing about, a place where there is no public address, no additional information other than this document and that man’s word, no contact with our boy until he turns twenty-one. Mr. Hawley found us…don’t that make you suspect? Don’t that make you scared for our son? For all we know we could be legally handing him to the devil! You aren’t strong enough to be the father you are supposed to be. Oh, you turn my stomach you do, this is your way out and I say NO! To hell with you! And to hell with the program!

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The Intelligent Kind by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, The Intelligent Kind, Trudy and Samuel must make a final decision to allow Mr. Hawley to take their son Charles to a secret program due to his abilities.  1 Woman, 2 Men, 1 Boy (age 7).  Drama/Scifi.

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