Walking Shadows

In Walking Shadows, Felicia talks to Jerome about how she can’t wait to kidnap a child she can call her own to start their family life.

FELICIA:  I’d jump for joy cause there’s nothing I want more in my life then having a child I can call my own. I’ll have some real purpose on this here Earth. Can’t tell you how many times I imagined myself giving birth in the hospital and seeing you standing at my side, holding my hand and the first time they put our baby in my arms, we look at one another with pride and thanks…can’t tell you how real my thoughts are…I dream up that scenario multiple times a day and here we are, it’s finally arriving…maybe not like we wished it to, it’s different, but she will be our little baby nonetheless and we can feel that same old pride deep in our veins and have the beginning of our beautiful little family…you, me and Welch.

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Walking Shadows PlayIn the one act eplay Walking Shadows, Felicia and her man Jerome sit in their pickup truck waiting for the right moment to kidnap a child.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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