The Woebegone

In The Woebegone, Lex and her boyfriend Ray are waiting at the beach to sell a stranger camera lenses but the person is no where to be found.

In this monologue, Lex has been challenged by Ray to prove that she visited Naples and the following is her proof.

LEX: When we first arrived in Naples, we walked along the perimeter of the shoreline, the ocean was an aqua green color, I never saw the ocean look so friendly before and when we jumped into that emerald abyss I instantly felt like I was cleansed spiritually, all of a sudden I felt this lightness come over me…later, we went through town and walked along a cobblestone street, it was so narrow that we had to step to the side in order to let the cars go by.  Eventually, we reached a tiny church and inside was a painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci and after that we had spumoni ice cream, bought a bunch of beers and got smashed on the beach as we watched the sunset. It was one of the most magical moments of my life.

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The WoebegoneIn this one-act ePlay, LEX and RAY wait at the beach in the blistering heat because they are desperate to sell camera lenses to a stranger for money. Drama. 1 Woman 1 Man.

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