25 Monologues for High School Drama Teachers

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Monologues for High School Drama Teachers

JUST SO YOU KNOW – Sally feels like her relationship with her sister is not existent and in this monologue she shares how she feels.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – being stubborn because of pride is something Clara faces all too often with her sister.

HEAVY COUGH – Emilia talks to her mother about how she doesn’t feel well but she also has a test coming up.  Is it the truth?

TELLING SECRETS – Sarah is upset with her friend because she told the boy she likes that she has a crush on him.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Jesse has a problem and it has to do with bad mouthing his girlfriend all too often.

ANYTHING SWEET STAYS – Carolina can’t seem to stay fit despite constantly working out but maybe that has something to do with the fact that she love her sweets.

I LIKED HER FIRST – Sergio is hurt because his friend decided to kiss the girl he likes.

LICK MY WOUNDS – Crystal tells her boyfriend that if they continue fighting that perhaps they have reached the point of parting ways.

CORNER STORE – Jasmine has become extremely concerned for her friend because she drinks way too much.

REAL DAD – Ashley tries reaching out to her father about his drinking problem and how it factors into their relationship.

BRING ABOUT CHANGE – Melanie shares her vision with her Auntie about how she wishes to go about changing the world.

BAD LUCK – Emily nitpicks and talks smack behind a friends back regarding the way she laughs.

STACY’S EYES – Cristina is upset and jealous over the fact that Stacy always seems to talk to the same guys she likes.

THE WORLD IS NOT KIND – Polly no longer wants to be treated like a kid with her immediate family.

A WALK IN THE SUN – Alderon is a vampire and he issn’t sure he should bite the neck of the woman he loves to make her immortal like him.

CIDER, BABY – Sophie has an unhealthy obsession with apple cider and in this monologue it becomes comedic.

TIS PITY HE’S A BROTHER – Miss Lorelli tells her brother that he needs to stop being lazy and give more respect to their family.

SLY STATEMENTS – Melanie doesn’t want to be treated in a condescending manner from her boyfriend and in this monologue she sticks up for herself.

POTATO HEAD – All Ronda’s cousin wants to do is sit at home and be a couch potato.

MAD MIKE – Mike has dreams of becoming a rap star.

FINAL GOODBYE – Sam gives his final goodbye to his best friend Buddy, a dog chained up to a post.

EVER SO GENTLY – Joshua treats his older brother with a wet wash cloth because he is recovering from taking a beating from their father.

BOOST – Lana talks to her friends about how much she likes Michael.

NOBODY BOTHERS ME – Patrick denies the fact that he has been getting bullied at school.

TYPICAL TEEN – Shadira is most dedicated to her figure skating and craves more emotional support and understanding from her mother.


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