Thirty Pieces of Luggage

In Thirty Pieces of Luggage, Laverne shares her theory about why she doesn’t like to pack so many items and prefers to travel light.

LAVERNE:  I’ll only pack one bag. That’s all I need. I’m not one of those people that pack thirty pieces of luggage. I pack one. One piece of luggage. I’m simple. I don’t like anchors. Too much luggage and I feel like I’m drowning. There’s nothing wrong with unzipping the case once and seeing a few items staring you in the face. Toothpaste. Done. Hairbrush. Done. None of this, “Where did I leave my belt?” type crap. “Oh look it’s buried and cramped underneath the rest of the stuff I ain’t ever gonna wear.” I hate that. Don’t you? No accessories. Just essentials. I can have a tendency to get a bit scatterbrained, so I’ve learned, I’ve learned to avoid those pitfalls so I can stay clear-minded. It’s just discipline. Being aware of who you are and then making little tweaks to develop a better you. But you have to care about it, making improvements of self or else you stay the same old way forever and that can get really annoying, if not to yourself, then certainly to someone else.

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Thirty Pieces of Luggage by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Thirty Pieces of Luggage, Marlo and Laverne strike up a conversation for the first time in a bar and the only thing stopping them from spending more time together is a car.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Comedy.

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