Spirit of the Horse

In Spirit of the Horse, Turner finally shares with his wife the shocking events that took place of his encounter with a horse in NYC.

TURNER:  Sit down, please. I was walking down Commerce Street and was admiring the corner house because it had these solar panels installed on the roof and they were fantastic. I even spoke to the owner who happened to be outside and we chatted for about fifteen odd minutes or so before we parted ways. Nice fella.

Anyway, when I turned to walk away there was a horse, a brown horse staring straight into my eyes, about twenty feet in front of me. It looked as sad as anything I’ve ever seen in all my life. I felt as though he was calling out to me for help but instead, I sort of frowned and shooed him away. So he stomped his hoof and snorted his nostrils and a tear came down his cheek and I softened. Just as I was about to approach him, comfort him, a garbage truck drove up and honked its horn and the horse took off like a bolt of lightning and ran straight into the window of a cafe, tearing itself up with glass and objects, before coming back outside and falling at my feet…

He looked into my eyes and I kneeled before him, picking up his head and resting it in my lap and his eyes drifted off from mine before finally fading away…dead.

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Spirit of the Horse by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Spirit of the Horse, Turner recounts a traumatic experience he had only a couple of days prior, where a horse died in his arms in the middle of downtown Manhattan.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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