Shoe Shine Diner

In Shoe Shine Diner, Betsy tells her boss Hammer that she doesn’t want Chloe taking up space in the diner because she can take her tips.

BETSY:  I don’t like how it sounds…sounds, sounds complicated. I like things steady, not all over the place like a yo-yo. I need consistency or I get confused. And she confuses me. She talks too fast, she’s too quick, makes me nervous and now you want her to stay here, work here, every day? My son goes to school with her and I hear stories, stories you don’t know nothin’ about. She might attract shady characters here and there and they’ll be makin’ their ways around this place, what will you do then Hammer? No, no. I should start lookin’ for other work cause this is, this is beyond my comprehension. And I like workin’ here, I’m family. Aren’t we family? That girl is an invader! She’s a space invader, ah, ah, a different kind a’ species that will swallow us up in here, into something, something unrecognizable…please Hammer, please reconsider this idea!

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Shoe Shine Diner by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Shoe Shine Diner, Hammer (diner owner) and Betsy (waitress) go about conducting usual business at the local diner, until teenage Chloe shows up with a new business partnership scheme.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Comedy.

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