Thought I Could Make It Out Here on My Own

Carlotta is a runaway teen working for an experienced hustler in this drama scene from play act Ache and Moan.

KENDRA: What’s wrong baby girl?

CARLOTTA: I’m good.

KENDRA: Whatch you over here sniffling for? I hear you.

CARLOTTA: You hear me?

KENDRA: (pointing) My room is on the other side of this window. Thin ass walls. Hear sh’t five hundred feet from where we’re standing. So, what’s up sniffles, why you cryin’?

CARLOTTA: I miss my mom.

KENDRA: Thought your mother died.

CARLOTTA: No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lied to you but I didn’t think it really mattered.

KENDRA: Your business is your business as long as it don’t f’ck with my business, we good.

CARLOTTA: It won’t.

KENDRA: We’re goin’ into the hills tomorrow. Bunch of new homes have gone up, everybody rushing to move in ’em. Been waiting six months to hit it. Neighborhood is ripe for the taking.

CARLOTTA: Cool. Never been to the hills before.

KENDRA: Huge mansions, all along the water. Half of them aren’t even lived in. People so rich they don’t even live in these places. Makes me wonder how big is the place they actually do live in, right? Damn. So, we hittin’ them up, got a sweet spot I been waiting on that has the lights timed at sunset and we goin’ in cause nobody’s ever there. You’d think with today’s security that they’d do a better job at being secure, but maybe these people have so much coin they don’t even care about losing their belongings. Thinking about squatting there for a few days. Nice place. Dream place. Be nice to feel that out for a few nights. Just once.

CARLOTTA: You said we should never do any squatting where we eat.

KENDRA: Yeah, well things change, eventually. Anyway, what’s up with your moms, she ill or something?

CARLOTTA: No…I abandoned her. Left her all alone. Thought I could make it out here on my own and save her, but it’s been so long now. Can’t imagine what she thinks of me.

KENDRA: You just bounced?


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